Wearing Black

When his twin brother, a drug addict, suddenly passes away from his reckless life, all Evan wants to do is forget their complicated relationship and move on, but the tangled relationships his brother left behind keep Evan from truly letting go. As he slips into a spiral of his own self-destruction, Evan must make a stark decision: either accept and forgive his dead twin brother, or become him.

Set to a lush, contemporary musical theatre score, Wearing Black explores how addiction impacts families, how people grieve, and the different ways they accept and reject love.

Wearing Black performed a 15-minute snapshot at the 2011 West Village Musical Theatre Festival, then the full first act as part of the 2013 FRIGID Festival where it was awarded Best Original Score, as well as favorable audience and critical reviews. Wearing Black also performed a 15-minute snapshot as part of the 2013 NYMF event Riley Thomas: Looking Forward before running in its entirety as an invited production in NYMF 2015 where it won an Outstanding Individual Performance award for Mark Coffin (Hugh). The musical received further development in 2016, while in residence at the Weston Playhouse with director Markus Potter.

A staged reading of Wearing Black will be
held in midtown Manhattan on January 23, 2017.

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