• January 14, 2016

Americans Now View Gun Violence as a Permanent Part of Life

Americans Now View Gun Violence as a Permanent Part of Life

By Sarah Begley
A majority of Americans now think that mass shootings and other outbreaks of gun violence are no longer passing incidents, but “a permanent part of American life.”

The revelation comes from a new poll that shows Americans are now more concerned about national security and terrorism than they are about the economic growth and job security. A whopping 71% said that gun violence is now a regular occurrence in American life.

The poll of 1,000 adults, from the Wall Street Journal and NBC News, found that those who believe national security should be a top priority has grown from 39% eight months ago to 60% as of early December. Those who think the economy should be a top priority have shrunk from 29% to 23% in that time.
Despite the belief that gun violence has become more prevalent, more Americans (52%) are concerned that this will lead to excessive new gun-control restrictions than those who fear that the federal government will not do enough to restrict access to firearms (44%).


Originally published on Time.com on December 14th, 2015

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