Thought Bubbles

Our very first reading series of new plays. These exciting new works explore important societal issues and are inspired by true stories.

by Carol Hollenbeck
directed by Andrea Andresakis
It’s the tumultuous nineteen sixties in a small town in upstate New York. When a young girl returns home from Hollywood to attend her local hometown movie premiere, what should have been a joyous occasion, slowly turns into a traumatic event. When certain family secrets are revealed chaos erupts, along with a sudden twist of fate that quickly turns into an obsession.

written and directed by Mark Erson
Venice – the celebrated crossroad city is the intersection where three lives, set in three different centuries, share a common wrestle with truth that is at once sought, avoided, confronted, claimed, and championed.

by Kevin Brofsky
directed by Jim Lawson
Dennis has yearned to return to New York City ever since he and Oscar moved to Florida in the 80’s to wait for AIDS to blow over. Now a hurricane has ravaged their home just before an old New York friend visits, bringing up memories and regrets. What happens to the hopes and dreams of people who survive multiple crises?

by Ardythe Ashley
directed by Michael Bergmann (director of TTC’s film, INFLUENCE)
A distinguished professor of neurology at a New England college has some of his most disabled patients living in his house with him. When a friend from his youth appears, urgent questions are raised to which there is no scientific answer.

STUPID WIG – A True Love Story for Any Galaxy
by June Rachelson-Ospa & Daniel Neiden
Ten-year-old Shirley is a heroic star fighter, battling monsters more terrifying than Darth Vader: Leukemia! Fear! Alienation! And a very scary, evil, stupid wig.Responding as Princess Leia would, Shirley is armed only with her out-of-this-galaxy imagination, and her boundless love for her grandfather, she calls, “My Han Solo, My Tata.” “Stupid Wig” is based on the life of Shirley K. Larkin-Spurgeon, and inspired by her short story about battling leukemia as a child.