Why You Beasting?

Exposing a multitude of social and institutional ills

Why You Beasting? is a darkly comic new play that explores the chaos of urban public education. When first-year teacher Rudy Donovan cannot take it anymore, he attempts to get thrown into a reassignment center, aka “the rubber room,” where teachers accused of impropriety sit and rot—for years in some cases—with full pay. Why You Beasting? is a dynamic thrill-ride filled with blunt language and brash characters that provoke shock and laughter while exposing a multitude of social and institutional ills.

Why You Beasting? played at the Flamboygan Theater (107 Suffolk Street) as part of the 2014 New York International Fringe Festival.

Featuring: Shane Zeigler, Fletcher Shelpley-McTaggart*, Andre Montgomery*, Desiree Rodriguez*, Doug Trapp*, Corwin Tuggles*, Susanna Guzman*, Gonzala Trigueros, Camille St. James, Ann-Kathryn Mills, Megan Merrick, Jon E., Nicolette Ellis, Jay Horton, Taylor Carter-Jones, Maria Pietranera, Paulina Ruiz

*Appearing Courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association.

Producers: NewYorkRep & Dan Irwin
Associate Producer: Perry Poussard, Jr.
Written By: David Don Miller
Director: Markus Potter
Fight Choreographer: David Don Miller
Production Stage Manager: Craig Rosenthal
Assistant Stage Manager: Kristen Alberta
Scenic/Lighting Designer: David Goldstein
Costume Designer: Sarafina Bush


Time Out NY:

“David Don Miller’s gritty and dynamic play exposes the flaws, contradictions and hand-tying rules that educators must contend with . . . Miller’s drama leaves you better schooled about these underappreciated heroes.”

“Why You Beasting? is definitely one of the most enjoyable shows in this year’s New York International Fringe Festival…incredibly humorous, amusing and relatable” …  “brings to light the corruption in our education system, the wild students that lurk about in all of the boroughs, and the hard-working teachers that wake up every day hoping to make a difference in these kids’ lives”
– StageBuddy.com

“Why You Beasting? by David Don Miller has more twists and turns than most amusement park rides, and is just as thrilling… “masterfully directed and acted” … Under the powerfully insightful direction of Markus Potter, this show didn’t hit a single speed bump in the fast paced two-hour production, and the audience held on tight to every word. … Why You Beasting? . . . packs a powerful punch and delivers a potent message which audience members will be discussing long after the final curtain call…inspired direction”
– Usher Nonsense

“The students speak and act with such realistic accuracy it seems like their dialogue was written down word for word from conversations Miller heard while teaching. … There is a feeling that we are not only watching one class of students in a Bronx school, but also a class of students that represents all inner city public schools….
a strong piece of theatre …  plenty of laughs and thought-provoking moments…immensely enjoyable…a great time at the theatre”
– Theatre is Easy

“Why You Beasting is one of the funniest plays all year… It is witty and scritty…It presents the conflicts of edu-politics better than recent films or documentaries for or against teacher tenure, education evaluation, and funding in America’s Urban Educational Settings … The script is written by David Don Miller, and my God, it really epitomizes the topics of education, politics, and kids. Of the reasons why kids are not able to learn, or sit in their chairs like in Dead Poet’s Society or any other film we’ve seen”
– WBAI 99.5FM