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NewYorkRep produces new plays and musicals that inspire and compel social change...

Current Season

A Bad Night

A Bad Night is a complex portrait of acquaintance rape as told by real interviews from men and women, survivors, detectives, attorneys, and others affected by what is a problem of inconceivable proportions.

A Wall Apart

An original rock musical about a 30 year love story set against the backdrop of the Berlin Wall, with music by Graham Russell of ‘Air Supply’.

Goodbye New York

An improbable love story of two spirited souls, this original musical explores one of the most intriguing social issues of our day.

The Disabled List

A dramedy web series on living with disability, featuring humor, hope and inspiration for all. 

Leaving Evelyn

A new play following the journey of a family facing difficult issues of aging. Why do we need to live to the bitter end, especially when that end threatens to be so bitter?

Church & State

A new play that takes an in-depth look at how religion, guns, and social media influence our political system.