NewYorkRep produces new plays and musicals that inspire and compel social change...

Current Season

Chasing Gods

A story about community and what happens when those foundations are shaken past our point of understanding. 

Just Between The All Of Us

If love isn’t a social issue, what is?  And, in the world of Dating Apps, just how does one choose … especially with an impending deadline?  Maybe the audience has to step up and help. 

The creator of the hit musical “Murder for Two”, Kellen Blair, along with Sarah Ziegler Blair and David Christensen explore the hilarious complications of modern dating in this new musical comedy where the audience chooses what happens next!

NewYorkRep West

NewYorkRep is traveling west and growing. With partnerships in the midwest and we are now establishing a presence in Los Angeles with NewYorkRep West under the leadership of Board Member Laurie Bernhard, an LA resident, theater advocate and producer.

Our kick-off event will be held on Sunday evening, May 30th with a staged-reading of CHASING GODS, followed by a talk-back and reception at The Road Theatre.

Untitled Opiod Docu-Musical

This docu-musical unfolds the tale of Purdue Pharmaceuticals, and the havoc it continues to take on our nation and its families.

Untitled Prison Reform Documentary

A significant percentage of prisoners shouldn’t even be there. A larger percentage never had the right representation or were given proper plea advice serving lengthy, undeserving sentences. And, of course, these injustices are also racial injustices.

Further, our government does little to prepare incarcerated individuals for reentry into society and gaining employment is nearly impossible even though many earn certificates and degrees while in prison.